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In mid-2008, God impressed upon me that as an organization we are to build a transitional shelter to house 5000 people at full capacity in the Atlanta, Georgia area. With the success of this model it will be proliferated across the United States and around the world.  

This shelter is to function as housing for those living there while they will be participating in counseling of the whole man; natural, spiritual, physical, emotional and financial.  We will provide employment through various businesses that this ministry is connected too, yet the participants will not have to pay for any services rendered.

In addition housing quarters provided, we will build a facility to feed 10,000, which will take care of those housed two meals a day and anyone else that is in need and hungry can get up to three meals a day.

To accomplish this monumental feat, God has given us a tool to achieve it which will remain a secret at this time as not to give away the vision before it is time. We will also solicit grant monies and with other agencies garner finances to maintain these two facilities. Families will be provided free daycare while a resident and for a nominal after their graduation and departure from the program and facility.

While at the shelter residents will be required to attend mid-week bible study and Sunday morning service, too build the spiritual man to a place of prowess and stability.

 Each resident will be given a weekly stipen, to allow purchase of essential personal products,

All monies earned while a resident will be put into an interest baring account and awarded at the time of departure.